Eng. Salahudeen Mohamed

B-Tech in May 2010 in Mechanical engineering from University of Kerala, India and M-tech in July 2012 in Applied mechanics from Indian Institute of technology, Madras. In M-tech thesis, his project topic was based on numerical investigation of turbulent flow and heat transfer in cooling channels of rocket engines. In August 2012, he joined as a senior engineer in research and development sector of automotive industry, Mahindra & Mahindra. Here he worked for 3 years on the analysis of climatic control in automotives using numerical simulations. In November 2015, he started PhD course in Energy Science and Engineering at University of Naples “Parthenope”. His research project concerns the numerical analysis of thermo-fluidic process for eye modeling in treatment of glaucoma surgery for biomedical applications.

E-mail: salahudeen.mohamed[at]uniparthenope[dot]it